Sublimation Printing

Sublimation printing is a technique used to print images and wording on paper via a  Gel printer and from this format Sublimated onto various objects with heat ( heat press, mug press, plate press etc.)

Sublimation printing make the ideal  personalized gift for some one. The products that we offer extends from a wide range and samples are available at out office.

Various Different Mugs

Mouse Pads

Sublimated T -shirts

Tiles with frames

Jewellery Boxes

Various Puzzle sizes

Wooden and Tile Coasters

Glass Cutting Boards

Satin Cushions



A5 and A4 Folders

Pencil Bags

Wine Holders

Teddy Bears

Sandblasting Mugs

Photo Stones

Printable Flip Flops

Wavy Murals

And many more…